• Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

    Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

    Ah, if it isn’t my favorite city in the entire world. Whenever we make it to Europe we always end up in beautiful Amsterdam. We may or may not have plans to move our entire lives there one day and live out our dream. After visiting a handful of times I have decided to put…

  • 7 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

    7 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

    Honestly, every country in Europe can be romantic if you make it. When I started thinking about cobblestone streets, history perched on each corner, breathtaking castles, food that melts in your mouth, and phenomenal views I realized just how hard it was for me to narrow down five top places to visit with your significant…

  • 5 Tips for Travel Couples

    5 Tips for Travel Couples

    “Isn’t it hard traveling with the same person for that long?” “Don’t you want to kill each other?”  Well yes actually, sometimes. Traveling with your significant other can be a challenge but it also can make for some of the most memorable times of your life. Read on for my top 5 tips for traveling…

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