I believe to get a real authentic experience in Amsterdam you must mistake a coffee shop for a cafe at some point in your trip. Walking through those cute glass doors expecting the sweet aroma of espresso to fill the air.. only to find yourself getting second-hand high while staring at a menu that consists of only marijuana products. Coffeeshops are what I like to call “pot shops” and they are pretty much equivalent to a bar just with weed. Cafes are your typical bakery or coffee serving house where you can find that sweet aroma of espresso most of you are probably looking for. If finding the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam is not in your interest, click here for my top 10 things to do in Amsterdam instead. If it is, carry on for my favorite places & a few tips I’ve learned from my last trips abroad!

Coming from California, we know our weed. Unlike the majority of tourists that pass through Amsterdam, it was actually not the main reason we wanted to visit nor is it the reason we keep going back. Shocking, I know. However, we have spent plenty of time in the shops and finding our favorites, so I thought I would share. Plus, there are some rules and fine print you may want to know as a newbie on the weed scene. So let’s get started!

the goods

Tips –

  • You must be 18+ to buy from the coffeeshops (don’t forget your ID or a copy of your passport!)
  • OK to smoke in a coffee shop but not on the street.
  • You are able to have up to 5 grams with you.
  • All joints are mixed with tobacco unless you clearly state you want a PURE joint.
  • Some shops do not want you smoking tobacco inside so make sure to ask, or keep an eye out for ‘no tobacco’ signs
  • Bring Cash! Majority of the shops do not take card unless it is from a local bank, I have mentioned the ones that do take card below.
  • Most shops (not all) insist that you buy a coffee or soda to sip on while smoking in their shop.
  • Papers and crutches are at your disposal in most shops, and some places offer bongs to rent for a small fee. You can also purchase lighters at the shops!
  • Shops will sell different forms of edibles such as “space cake.” Be sure to check the dosage before you munch!

My favorite shops –

420 Coffeeshop

TAKES CARD! My personal favorite & always the first stop on our trip to this city. This cute quaint coffeeshop has outdoor seating for guests right on the river and has a friendly shop cat! Sold. The prices here are pretty good as well, you can get a mixed joint for 4 Euro and a pure joint for 7 euro. Click here to see it on a map! 

Super Skunk De Pijp

We found this awesome little spot while staying just a walk outside of the City Center. There are two locations and this is the one in De Pijp near the Heineken Museum. They, unfortunately, do not take cards so be sure to bring cash if you head here! We loved this little spot because they didn’t mind how long we hung out for and they had great taste in music. For being outside of the center the prices were a bit high, but still very reasonable compared to others – 5.50 euro for a mixed joint and 7.50 to 10 euro for a pure joint. Click here to see it on a map!

The Bulldog

This is only a favorite of mine because I am the proud owner of a French Bulldog. However, this name is huge and they have shops all over the city! They are a known part of Amsterdam so be sure to check out the very first one that was built in 1975. It is more than likely going to be jam-packed, they are pricey, and they do not take cards either unless local but it is worth checking out. The walls inside are covered in art and history. Click here to see the FIRST Bulldog on a map!

Tweede Kramer

This shop is located around the corner from 420 Coffeeshop. They take cards, have reasonable prices, and the atmosphere is a total vibe! Click here to see it on a map.

The Noon – 

We came across this cool little spot while wandering around late at night. Located close to the bars and nightlife of Amsterdam you can find this trendy pot shop with a great atmosphere. They do not take cards so bring cash! The prices here are not great but not bad at all! You can get a pure joint from 7.50 to 10 euro. We liked this spot because the owner (we think) was very friendly and started cracking jokes with us right away! We got a beverage and hung out here for a while without anyone making a fuss or fighting us for seats! Click here to see it on a map! 

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