Chaotic Comfort – Love for the Airport

Something about the screaming obnoxious children running through the hall, the smell of used leather and luggage that has traveled miles, scrambling passengers eager to check in their bags, large lit-up signs with destinations all over the world. These moments give me butterflies; standing in line patiently waiting to send my items through the security belt, getting sniffed excessively by German Shepherds.

I find comfort in this messy atmosphere. It brings me a sense of freedom and adventure. The stress and nerves of security remind me that we’re going somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, how far or how long, all I know is that an adventure awaits. Away from everyday routine, away from loads of stress piling upon my shoulders. It’s a time to explore, to extend horizons, and do something outside of the comfort zone.

The bright red font states destinations from San Francisco to Amsterdam, to Oslo, to Bangkok, and more. If only we didn’t have to plan and could just pick a random destination. Dubai, Queensland, Toronto, who knows where we would end up. This stressful unorganized board of destinations is a friendly reminder that there is so much out there.

The overpriced IPA and cheese plate is a quick boost of energy for the adventure ahead. Feeling trapped in the terminal with only so many options, I remind myself that in due time I will be thousands of feet in the air on my way to somewhere new.

So much to see, so many cultures and perspectives. We live in our bubble of daily routine. We go to work, we go to school, we live our lives. Some days are easy, other days kick your ass, the airport reminds me that there’s always change. Nothing is permanent. You can go anywhere anytime do anything you want. The world is at your fingertips and it all starts with the obnoxious screaming child running down the terminal.

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