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7 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Honestly, every country in Europe can be romantic if you make it. When I started thinking about cobblestone streets, history perched on each corner, breathtaking castles, food that melts in your mouth, and phenomenal views I realized just how hard it was for me to narrow down five top places to visit with your significant …


5 Tips for Travel Couples

“Isn’t it hard traveling with the same person for that long?” “Don’t you want to kill each other?”  Well yes actually, sometimes. Traveling with your significant other can be a challenge but it also can make for some of the most memorable times of your life. Read on for my top 5 tips for traveling …


Chaotic Comfort – Love for the Airport

Something about the screaming obnoxious children running through the hall, the smell of used leather and luggage that has traveled miles, scrambling passengers eager to check in their bags, large lit-up signs with destinations all over the world. These moments give me butterflies; standing in line patiently waiting to send my items through the security …


8 Must-See Destinations in Italy

The Wonderful Land of Pesto & Pasta. Heading to Italy anytime soon? What a great choice in destinations you have made! There is so much I love about Italy and something about it that always keeps me coming back. It may be the fact that I’m Italian, but I think it also has something to …


A Must See Before You Die in Napa, California

One of Northern California’s best kept secret adventures – Safari West! WHAT is Safari West? Safari West is a wildlife sanctuary and conservation breeding facility that was started by a man named Peter Lang in the 1980’s. Located in the heart of wine country California you can find all these incredible animals enjoying their days …

Anxiety Travel

10 Tricks for the Anxious Flyer

If you know me you know I overthink most things. Chances are I overthought this post, but apparently, that’s what I do best. I usually spend hours before my trip researching where I am going, how I’m getting to wherever I’m staying, what is a must-see in town, what do they eat, the language, how …

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