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I’m Jillian!

Here to help turn your dreams into a reality!

It all started when I crashed my boyfriend’s study abroad session in Spain during the summer of 2017. We traveled all over Europe before, in between, and after his studies which resulted in a burning passion to share my travel hacks and knowledge with the world.

Little did we know, that would catapult our love for new destinations and we would end up making 4 more trips to Europe over the next few years, plus drive across the United States.. twice.

While our plan is to eventually move to Europe and settle down, we have some large goals to hit and plans to put in place first. So in the meantime, James and I and our two dogs (Shanti and Francesca) are on the search for a new home in America. The girls make our life complete and they love exploring new places too! James is my biggest supporter, I am proud to say he is my best friend and favorite travel buddy! 

So, what is the point of this blog?

I created this blog because I absolutely LOVE to travel and starting a travel blog is something I have wanted to do for so long. However, I also had to endure and overcome an enormous amount of anxiety before I was able to achieve these goals. I have personally dealt with general anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, bullying, domestic abuse, PTSD, and depression (just to scratch the surface). Mental health has always been a huge factor in my life and when I finally attended college and studying abroad became an option for me, I knew my life was about to change.

Since then, I have moved to multiple new cities, traveled all over the world and America, started this blog, started a network marketing business, started growing my social media following, and I want to share how I have done all of it with YOU! I want to share with you the tips and techniques I have developed over the years to push through and achieve my goals. I want to share with you all my secrets and hacks for affordable travel, or luxury, up to you. 😉

But most importantly, I am Jillian and I am your friend! So whether traveling is the reason you’re here, anxiety is keeping you from living your dreams, you are looking to level up in life, or maybe you just enjoy a good blog about French Bulldogs, you are in the right place! 

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Xo, J

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